Judgments/ Decisions of HCIC (J & K) for December-214 & January-2015

S.No File  No Date Title
1. SIC/CO/ Comp/104 /2014/694 (Decision-694) 04-12-2014 Mr. Mohsin Atta   V/S   J&K Service Selection Board.
2. SIC/CO/ Comp/110 /2014/695 (Decision-695) 04-12-2014 Mr. Muntazir Hamid   V/S  J&K Service Selection Board.
3. SIC/CO/ SA/199 /2014/ 696 (Decision-696) 08-12-2014 Shri Pradeep Kumar Sharma   V/S  J&K Service Selection Board.
4. SIC/CO/SA//2014/697 (Decision-697) 08-12-2014 J.L. Koul V/s  High Court of J&K, Srinagar.
5. SIC/CO/SA/191/2014/698 (Decision-698) 04-12-2014 Shri Om Prakash   V/S   Zonal Headquarters, Crime Branch, Jammu
6. SIC/CO/SA/207/2014/699 (Decision-699) 11-12-2014 Vivek Tandon V/s Registrar Judicial, J&K High Court, Srinagar
7. SIC/CO/ SA/186 /2014/700 (Decision-700) 15-12-2014 Ms. Sunhera Ashraf   V/S   J&K Service Selection Board.
8. SIC/CO/SA/190/2014/701 (Decision-701) 09-12-2014 Shri Suresh Singh  V/S   Police Headquarter, J&K, Jammu.
9. SIC/CO/SA/188/2014/702 (Decision-702) 15-12-2014 Syed Shakeel-ur-Rehman V/s J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages.
10. SIC/CO/SA/218/2014/703 (Decision-703) 18-12-2014 Vijay Kumar V/s  J&K State Road Transport Corporation
11. SIC/CO/SA/189/2014/704 (Decision-704) 19-12-2014 Pawan Kumar Sharma V/s Commissioner Survey & Land Records
12. SIC/CO/ SA/193 /2014/ 705 (Decision-705) 22-12-2014 Syed Shakeel-ur-Rehman V/s J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages.
13. SIC/CO/SA/213/2014/706 (Decision-706) 26-12-2014 Gurpreet Singh V/s PIO Service Selection Board.
14. SIC/CO/SA/197/2014704 (Decision-707) 24-12-2014 C.P. Sharma V/s PIO office of the Accountant General
15. SIC/CO/SA/192/2014/708 (Decision-708) 24-12-2014 Khursheed Ahmad Dar V/s PIO SICOP.
16. SIC/CO/SA/195/2014/709 (Decision-709) 31-12-2014 Amarpreet Singh V/s PIO State Consumer Commission
17. SIC/CO/SA/208/2014/710 (Decision-710) 01-01-2015 Shiv Shanker Sharma V/s PIO SICOP.
18. SIC/CO/SA/213/2014/711 (Decision-711) 29-12-2014 Khawaja Ghulam Ahmad V/s PIO Labour Department
19. SIC/CO/SA/217/2014/712 (Decision-712) 06-01-2015 Shiv Jawahir Lal Kaul V/s PIO Housing & Urban Dev. Department.
20. SIC/CO/SA/225/2014/713 (Decision-713) 15-01-2015 Shri R.K.Bhan   V/S  J&K, Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd, J&K, Jammu.
21. SIC/CO/SA/219/2014/714 (Decision-714) 14-01-2015 Bishen Singh V/s PIO School Education Department
22. SIC/CO/SA/211/2014/715 (Decision-715) 08-01-2015 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhasin V/s PIO Health & Medical Education Department
23. SIC/CO/SA/224/2014/716  (Decision-716) 12-01-2015 Dr. Gurmeet Singh V/s PIO J&K Public Service Commission
24. SIC/CO/SA/228 /2015/717(Decision-717) 19-01-2015 Nisar Ahmad Shah  V/S  Revenue Department, Civil Secretariat.
25. SIC/CO/SA/215 /2014/718 (Decision-718) 20-01-2015 Shri Ajat Jamwal  V/S   State Vigilance Organization, J&K.
26. SIC/CO/SA/205/2014/719  (Decision-719) 23-01-2015 Inder Mohan Bakshi V/s  Home Department
27. SIC/CO/SA/212/2014/720 (Decision-720) 08-01-2015 Mohammad Ayub Ayan V/s  Directorate of Technical Education J&K
28. SIC/CO/SA/229/2015/721  (Decision-721) 31-01-2015 Shri Vilakshana Singh  v/s Public Service Commission, J&K,
29. SIC/CO/SA/204/2014/722 (Decision-722) 31-12-2014 Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat V/s  J&K Public Service Commission