Judgments/ Decisions of HSIC (Jammu) for August - September 2014

S.No File  No Date Title
1. SIC/J/A/126/2014/183 (Decision-183) 04-08-2014 Sh. Janak Singh  v/s Block Development Officer,  Thathri(Doda).
2. SIC/J/A/58/2014/184 (Decision-184) 04-08-2014 Sh. Fayaz Khan  v/s  Executive Engineer,  Tube Well Irrigation Division, Jammu.
3. SIC/J/A/133 and 134/2014/185 (Decision-185) 06-08-2014 Sh.Anil Kumar.  v/s Asstt.Commissioner(R), Samba , Tehsildar Kathua, & Technical Officer,  Tawi Canal Const.Div.Jammu.
4. SIC/J/C/11/2014/186  (Decision-186) 08-03-2014 Sh. Raman Sharma  v/s Additional Provident Fund Commissioner,  Rail Head Complex, Jammu.
5. SIC/J/C/21/2014/187  (Decision-187) 06-08-2014 Sh. Mohd. Shabir  v/s  Block Development Officer,  Assar.
6. SIC/J/A/143/2014/188 (Decision-188) 12-08-2014 Sh. Naresh Gupta  v/s Executive Officer, Municipal Committee, Sunderbani.
7. SIC/J/A/142/2014/189 (Decision-189) 12-08-2014 Sh. Naresh Kumar  v/s Project Officer, Drought Prone Area Programme, Rural Dev.Deptt. Doda.
8. SIC/J/A/144/2014/190 (Decision-190) 13-08-2014 Sh. Mohd Naseem  v/s Executive Engineer,  PWD(R&B) Division, Ramban
9. SIC/J/A/98/2014/191 (Decision-191) 11-08-2014 Sh.Salil Raina  v/s Block Development Officer,  Mandi (Poonch).
10. SIC/J/A/109/2014/192 (Decision-192) 11-08-2014 Sh. Rajesh Sharma  v/s Chief Education Officer, Kishtwar.
11. SIC/J/A/80/2014/193 (Decision-193) 13-08-2014 Dr. R.P. Singh  v/s Sub-Inspector /SDPO City West.
12. SIC/J/A/135/2014/194 (Decision-194) 21-09-2014 Sh. Satish Kumar Sharma  v/s Tehsildar(S), Jammu.
13. SIC/J/A/181/2014/195 (Decision-195) 25-08-2014 Sh. Vikram Singh  v/s  Tehsildar (Settlement), Jammu
14. SIC/J/A/110/2014/196 (Decision-196) 25-08-2014 Smt. Asha Devi  v/s Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kishtwar.
15. SIC/J/A/140/2014/197 (Decision-197) 26-08-2014 Sh.Hari Krishan  v/s Tehsildar Settlement, Jammu.
16. SIC/J/A/138/2014/198 (Decision-198) 22-08-2014 Sh. Rajesh Gupta  v/s  Tehsildar(S), Jammu
17. SIC/J/A/106/2014/199 (Decision-199) 27-08-2014 Sh. Sanjay Misri v/s Power Dev. Department, EM&RE Wing, Jammu.
18. SIC/J/A/141/2014/200 (Decision-200) 27-08-2014 Sh.Rahul Rangotra  v/s Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University,  Rajouri..
19 SIC/J/A/105/2014/201 (Decision-201) 29-08-2014 Sh.Imtiaz Ahmed  v/s Directorate of School Education,
20 SIC/J/A/121/2014/202 (Decision-202) 25-08-2014 Mohd Asif Mir  v/s Chief Eduction Officer  Udhampur.
21. SIC/J/A/175/2014/203 (Decision-203) 09-09-2014 S. Harcharan Singh  v/s State Pollution Control Board, Jammu.
22. SIC/J/A/72/2014/204 (Decision-204) 05-09-2014 Sh. Sanjay Kumar  v/s Asstt. Commissioner (Revenue),
Reasi. & Tehsildar  Katra
23. SIC/J/A/124/2014/205 (Decision-205) 05-09-2014 Sh.Deepak Sharma  v/s  Tehsildar,  Vijaypur(Samba)
24. SIC/J/A/165/2014/206 (Decision-206) 05-09-2014 Sh. Krishan Lal Sharma  v/s Sub Divisional Magistrate, Nowshera
25. SIC/J/A/172/2014/207 (Decision-207) 02-09-2014 Sh. Dalbir Singh Jamwal  v/s  The Sub Divisional Magistrate, Akhnoor.
26. SIC/J/A/164/2014/208 (Decision-208) 02-09-2014 Sh. Swami Raj  v/s Executive Engineer,  PWD(R&B), Doda.
27. SIC/J/A/173/2014/209 (Decision-209) 02-09-2014 Sh. Swami Raj   V/S   Executive Officer, Municipal Committee, Doda
28. SIC/J/A/167//2014/210 (Decision-210) 03-09-2014 Sh. Kamal Kishore Khajuria v/s PWD (R&B) Div. Kathau.
29. SIC/J/A/168/2014/211 (Decision-211) 04-09-2014 Sh. Jagdish Narain  v/s  Jammu Development Authority, Jammu.
30 SIC/J/A/96/2014/212 (Decision-212) 08-09-2014 Sh. Virender Sudan  v/s  Secretary, Jammu Municipal Corporation, Jammu.
31 SIC/J/A/174/2014/213 (Decision-213) 08-09-2014 Sh. Suresh Kumar Sharma  v/s  Additional Provident Fund Commissioner, Rail Head Complex, Jammu.
32 SIC/J/A/176/2014/214 (Decision-214) 12-09-2014 Sh. Mohinder Paul  v/s I.C.D.S,Projects,  District Udhampur.
33 SIC/J/A/187/2014/215 (Decision-215) 15-09-2014 Nek Ram  v/s  Tehsildar (T),  Jammu.
34 SIC/J/A/76//2014/216 (Decision-216) 15-09-2014 Sh. Suresh Kumar  v/s  Deputy Registrar  University of Jammu,  Jammu.
35 SIC/J/A/148/149/150/2014/217 (Decision-217) 11-09-2014 Sh. Ajay Kumar Gupta  v/s  Regional Transport Officer,
36 SIC/J/A/99/2014/218 (Decision-218) 10-09-2014 Sh.S.C.Gupta,  v/s Addl.Deputy Commissioner, Jammu.
37 SIC/J/A/118/2014/219 (Decision-219) 16-09-2014 Sh. Prithvi Raj Sharma  v/s  Block Development Officer,
38 SIC/J/A/63/2014/220  (Decision-220) 16-09-2014 Sh. Parvez Shera  v/s Associated Hospitals of Medical College,
39 SIC/J/A/183/2014/221 (Decision-221) 17-09-2014 Sh.Mohd Azad Shapoo  v/s  Executive Engineer  PHE, Div. Doda.
40 SIC/J/A/234/2014/222 (Decision-222) 19-09-2014 Sh.Ravi Sethi  v/s Jammu Municipal Corporation,  Jammu.
41 SIC/J/A/55/2014/223 (Decision-223) 22-09-2014 Sh. Kovid Khosla  v/s  Jammu Municipal Corporation, Jammu.
42 SIC/J/A/119/2014/224 (Decision-224) 22-09-2014 Sh. Vipan Sharma  v/s  Executive Engineer, Sewerage & Drainage Div.(West), Jammu.
43 SIC/J/A/107/2014/225 (Decision-225) 22-09-2014 Sh.Imtiaz Ahmed  v/s CEO Doda , ZEO Thathri and Gandooh.
44 SIC/J/A/177/2014/226 (Decision-226) 23-09-2014 Sh.Balwant Singh  v/s  Municipal Copn.,Jammu.
45 SIC/J/A/129/2014/227 (Decision-227) 22-09-2014 Sh. Prem Nath  v/s  CA&PD Deptt, Jammu. and CA&PD Deptt,
46 SIC/J/A/146/2014/228 (Decision-228) 23-09-2014 Sh. Sanjay Khajuria  v/s  Jammu Development Authority,
47 SIC/J/A/118/2014/229 (Decision-229) 24-09-2014 Sh.Vijay Kumar Gupta  v/s  Tehsildar (S), Jammu.
48 SIC/J/A/104/2014/230 (Decision-230) 23-09-2014 Dr. Kanwal Singh  v/s  PHE(M), G.W.D. Division,  Jammu.
49 SIC/J/C/70/2014/231 (Decision-231) 26-09-2014 Sh. Deepak Sharma  v/s  Associated Hospitals of  Government Medical College, Jammu.
50 SIC/J/A/122/2014/232 (Decision-232) 29-09-2014 Sh. Sanjay Sharma  v/s Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Jammu.
51 SIC/J/A/111/112/2014/233 (Decision-233) 29-09-2014 Sh. Sanjay Sharma v/s Additional Deputy Commissioner Kathua.
52 SIC/J/A/346//2013234 (Decision-234) 30-09-2014 Sh. Mohd. Ayub Ayan v/s  Asstt. Executive Engineer , Reasi.
53 SIC/J/A/171/2014/235 (Decision-235) 01-10-2014 Sh.Naresh Gupta  v/s  Tehsildar, Sunderbani.
54 Dr. R.P. Singh (Decision-236) 30-09-2014 Dr. R.P. Singh   v/s  Dy.S.P. Hqrs, Jammu